Happy Birthday To Us!

Last Friday it was my little hoo-bro, Joey’s, very first birthday! Where has that year gone?! It seems only a few weeks ago that Mum & Dad brought him home from the hospital and I was trying to share his moses basket with him!! Well I thought he needed to be kept warm…

Dachshund and Baby

He is now 1 year old & we celebrated in style with a cake smash party! Joey wasn’t so sure what to do so I explained that it was easy, all he had to do was smash the cake up & have some photos taken paparazzi style. Easy. I also promised that I would clean him up after so he was then more than willing to give it a go…

Dog Cake Smash

Baby Cake Smash

Baby Cake Smash

He got the coolest trike for his birthday, I gave it a test drive first just to make sure it was safe enough for him to drive, I think it suits me…

Dog Trike

Baby Dog Trike

This weekend we celebrated Joey’s birthday with our family and my Aunty made him the best cake ever, keeping with the dog theme of a Hey Duggee cake, it was amazing! He wasn’t allowed to smash this one up, it was just too nice!

Hey Duggee Cake

Then here we are today, it’s my 6th birthday! Mum got all emotional saying that her babies are growing up but Dad says I’ve always looked like an old man with my eyebrows and wirey beard, rude!!

Sausage Dog Birthday

Sausage Dog Birthday

Alan & I chucked on our party hats so I could open my presents, I had THE best card from my Nanny & Mum bought me a new squeaky ball for my hoo-bro to throw for me, like he’s going to get a look in…

Sausage Dog Birthday Card

Dachshund Birthday

I also received a these amazing smellies from my Lovely Lottie, if only she could come & lather my beard up and scrub my back…

Animology Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Animology Dog Shampoo

But it was all a bit much for our Alan so he soon retired back to his sun spot on the lawn to carry on topping up his tanned bits!

Dachshund Birthday


Dach’s all for now – off to eat some more birthday cake…


Jeffrey x

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  • Finn
    July 2, 2018

    Happy Birthday Joey and Jeffrey!
    Best wishes from Finn and Timm

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