Fridays Furry Friend

So how has your week been? We’ve now been at Nanny & Grandad’s nearly a week, crashing with Rodney & The H’s whilst Mum & Dad are away. It’s like home from home here as we spend a lot of time (nearly every afternoon) at Nanny’s but that hasn’t stopped Rodney from taking up nearly the whole bed, he’s such a huge sausage!!

Alan enjoys sleeping right on top of Rodders, I think he likes to feel like he’s camping on top of a mountain and being a real outdoor dog! Whilst Alan has been climbing & wrestling with Mount Rodney, I’ve been helping Nanny & Grandad with household chores, such a making Nanny’s bed, plumping the sofa cushions & taste testing Grandad’s sandwiches for lunch, just call me a Helpful Hound…

This weeks Furry Friend really made me chuckle! Not only do we love his upside down photos, SUCH a dachshund! But his name is William Williams, my Mum & Dad’s surname is Williams and mum always joked she should have called me William for that reason! Also I love the fact that William is donning his party hat, very appropriate as it is in fact my birthday tomorrow!

 Hello Jeffrey and Alan.

My name is Mr William Williams, and I live with my brother, Mr Edward Edwards in London. I am 9 years old, and my brother is 10. I like getting lots of nasty smelling things stuck in my beard, and having my ears tickled. I don’t like postmen, traffic wardens, or squirrels. I growl when my mummy gives me cuddles, but secretly I like it.


Williams Dachshund

William Dachshund

Williams Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – off to dust my own party hat off…

Jeffrey x

Don’t forget, if you too would like to be my Fridays Furry Friend, email a photo and a bit about yourself to

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  • Finn
    July 1, 2016

    Glad to hear that you’re both enjoying your holiday at your home away from home. Happy Birthday to you tomorrow. Not too much cake Jeffrey!
    I love the photos of William. He could be my twin as I’m nine as well and look identical to him.
    Have a super birthday weekend. Hope Alan’s been out shopping.

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