Dexters Den – Review

When the lovely creator of Dexters Den contacted me to ask if I would like to trial & review one of her pocket beds, I thought well sleeping is one of my favourite hobbies so why not!

What arrived in the post was this lovely soft, cosy pocket bed, big enough for two!

Not than Alan was keen on sharing it mind you…

This bed is perfect for dachshunds or any other dog that just loves to burrow in their bed. Alan is well known for disappearing under a nest of blankets so this is just ideal for him. Especially in the colder months as he suffers from seasonal hair loss so this will be good for him to retreat to when he takes one of his many day time naps, well it is tiring being a small squirrel chaser!

It wasn’t long before I managed to coax Alan out of the Dexters Den pocket bed and have a go myself, the rumours were true, it was positively cosy!

Dexters Den pocket beds offer warmth, safety & relaxation for any pooch. They have a padded base and are lined in the sofest fabric, and because all dogs are unique, they also come in a range of bold prints to suit your pooches personality!

The other bonus is that they can be taken anywhere, they can be folded up for easy transportation, whether you’re going on holiday or for a roast dinner at the pub with your pooch after a long walk, these are just perfect for your dog to chill out in but in a familiar environment. And one thing my mum was really pleased with, they are machine washable at 30 degrees!


If you are looking for the prefect Christmas present for your pooch then look no further, head over to Dexters Den HERE to take a look at their range of pocket beds.


Dach’s all for now – off for sweet dreams (chasing squirrels) in front of the fire…

Jeffrey x


*Please note – this product was sent to us by the company to review however all opinions expressed in this blog are my own

  • Karen Sadler
    November 12, 2018

    Great photos! I have a standard wire haired dachie. To help me choose right size to order for Mungo. May I ask whether Dexter is a mini or a standard? Thanks

    • sausagetails
      November 12, 2018

      Hi Karen! Myself, Jeffrey, I’m a large mini wire haired (some call us ‘tweenies’) and Alan is a medium sized mini smooth. We both fit in comfortably and our bed is the medium, which is the size I would recommend for a standard wire hair such as Mungo. I hope that helps!

  • Anne W
    November 28, 2018

    What a great idea. In Australian summers when it get really hot, I can put it in the freezer before use.

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