A Sausage Tails Bank Holiday

I have to say, it’s not been the most rocking Bank Holiday weekend in the Sausage Tails household but we’ve had things to do and people to see. It was my Cousins 4th birthday on Saturday so I helped him with his birthday cake, just tasting to check it was safe and Mum took all our unwanted bits and pieces to sell at a car boot on Sunday (I tried to hide Alan in the boxes but Mum noticed…), we stayed at home to help Dad with some odd jobs around the house and play with the power tools.

We also donned our bow ties over the weekend, which are normally reserved for special occasions, to celebrate National Bow Tie Day, I think we looked very Dapper Dachshunds! We’ve even had a trim and strip down with Rodney and The H’s to tidy up our hairstyles, Alan was feeling very left out as the only dog in the family with literally no hair so we made him a toupee with my offcuts, it’s safe to say that he looks like a wiener version of Donald Trump…

But we have used the 3 day long weekend to chill out, get some R&R and use the rainy weather as an excuse to stay indoors and sleep, drink tea and eat some yummy food!

Dachshund Harness

Dachshund Duvet

Dog Bow Tie

Dachshund Cake

Sleeping Dachshund

Dachshund Beard

Smooth & Wire Dachshund

Dachshund Chocolate

Loaf Dog

Dachshund Mug

Dachshund Beard

Dachshund Toy Box

Standard Wire Dachshund

Dachshund Bed

Dachshund Kitchen

Groom Dachshund

Dog Toupee

Dachshund Tea

Dachshund Cat

Dachshund Dinner

Dachshund Schnauzer



Dach’s all for now – we hope you too have had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!

Jeffrey x


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