My Weekend In Pictures

We’ve been beavering away this weekend, making decisions on flooring for our newly refurbished home, obviously I was a key member in the decision making process. Alan & Mum swatted up on her pregnancy books, I’m not sure Alan was too impressed with where babies come from…

Nanny had a new oven delivered so I helped Dad & Grandad fit that, I think I leant a very helpful paw. We also had our hair trimmed by Nanny, all of us including Alan, he seemed to have grown hair out of nowhere! Finished off with a lovely walk in the Spring sunshine before the rain & hail hit and we had to hot-foot it home, I didn’t want my new ‘do’ getting wet did I!!

Dachshund Flooring
Dachshund Germany

Dachshund Pregnancy Bump

Grooming Dachshund

Dachshund Grooming

Dachshund Trump

Dachshund Haircut

Windy Dachshund

Dachshund Walks

Dachshund Walks

Sausage Dog Walks

Sausage Dog Walks

Dachshund Woods

Jeffrey Dachshund


Dach’s all for now – did you have a chilled out weekend?

Jeffrey x

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