My Weekend In Pictures

The first My Weekend In Pictures post of 2017, how exciting for you! However I’m afraid it’s not been that exciting this weekend, we’ve mainly been packing up our house ready for storage whilst our extension (aka my new bedroom) and the refurbishments are done on our home.

We’ve also managed to squeeze in a fun woodland walk where we chased lots of squirrels, a couple of snoozey naps and to top it all off, a roast dinner – the perfect end to the weekend!

Dachshund Bed

Dachshund Sofa

Obviously I was a help rather than a hinderance with the packing, making sure Mum was packing my best toys up to take to Nanny’s…Jeffrey Dachshund
Jeffrey Dachshund

Apparently this was the solution to Mum’s ‘hinderance’ problem, I can’t say I was too amused…

Dachshund Box

Alan snoozing whilst I was helping, typical…

Alan Dachshund

One box done, 500,000 to go…

Dachshund Box

With a welcome break to the woods to stretch our legs and get some fresh air…

Dachshund Woods

Dachshund Woods

Jeffrey Dachshund

Alan Dachshund

Alan’s turn to be a Helpful Hound with the washing…

Dachshund Socks

We took it upon ourselves to keep an eye on the oven, you know, just in case the roast beef jumped out on to the floor, you just never know…

Alan & Jeffrey Dog

Rodney Dachshund

Dog Yorkshire Pudding

Dog Beef

Feeding Dachshunds

Dach’s all for now – we hope you had a nice weekend!

Jeffrey x

  • Sue Mitchell
    January 12, 2017

    My Bella the dachshund and Lucky the Jack Russell also sit by the oven when the roast is cooking. They know as soon as the smell starts wafting as it cooks and by the time it’s cooked they are nearly climbing the walls. They go crazy for a nice roast…oh they have half a Yorkshire pudding chopped up as well. I can see Jeffrey checking them out! Is he deciding which one is his?? 🤣PS Bella is so in love with Alan. Every week she wants to see his photo and she then goes all weak at her real low down knees❤️then needs another nap to recover! Lucky and Bella have asked me to ask you if they can be Fridays Furry Friends one week please. Xx

    • Sue mitchell
      January 12, 2017

      Sorry I did not get chance to add my details in above. So I am adding this so I can leave them for you. Just love Sausagetails and the weekly ‘sum up’.😄😄

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