Flying Dogs

Yes you heard that correctly, flying dogs! As much as some of you may have read the title of this blog post and thought ‘is Jeffrey finally doing that skydive for charity?’ I’m afraid you are mislead! One day my friends, I will don those goggles, do my finest Biggles impression and launch my long body out of a plane but for now, you will just have to settle for this book that I was sent to review by publishers Simon & Schuster



Flying Dogs is described as:

Inspired by her Frisbee-loving pup, Flinn, photographer Julia Christe set out to photograph the athleticism and freedom of dogs leaping in mid-air. She published some of these images of airborne canines digitally, and they quickly went viral with features in The Guardian, Huffington Post, and on the Today show.
The delightful result prompted her to capture other dogs from this hilarious and unique perspective.


This is the perfect coffee table book that will bring a smile to anyones face who opens it. No words, just stunning high quality photos of dogs appearing to fly! These fun photos show dogs as you’ve never seen them before – in mid-air! Photographer Julia Christe has captured some amazing photos of all sorts of dogs ranging from us dachshunds to collie dogs to labradors making the most incredibly funny faces mid-flight!


Even Alan wanted to get in on the action! I told him that no dogs were harmed in the making of this book but he wasn’t feeling it when I suggested we shoot our own version of Flying Dogs by dropping him off the sofa (please don’t try this at home kids!)


This would be the perfect Christmas gift for any dog lover out there, a unique book that will make you chuckle out loud!


You can get your very own version of Flying Dogs HERE

Dach’s all for now – where did I put the helmet and crash mat?

Jeffrey x


*Please note – this product was sent to us by the company to review however all opinions expressed in this blog are my own

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