London Pooch – Dachshund Pollock Bag

The lovely Joy, founder & creator of London Pooch, sent me a special package which Mum ripped open straight away & claimed for herself before I even got a look in! The cheek of it!!

It was one of the new Dachshund Pollock shopping bags straight from the London Pooch headquarters. This is a sturdy canvas shopping bag sporting the popular Dachshund Pollock design created by Joy herself.

London Pooch Bag

London Pooch describes themselves at:

London Pooch is all about Dachshunds. Dachshund Art Lovers. Architecture loving Dachshunds. Shopping hound dachshunds. Stripes and Hearts and Dachshunds.

Cards, Prints and Gifts all featuring the adorable busybody from the artwork of Joy FitzSimmons; Designer, Illustrator and long time owner of two demanding short haired long bodied dachshunds. Henry and Ned.

London Pooch Bag

Such a useful bag that can hold so much, groceries to library books, gym gear to pet food, well I know what I will use mine for…
London Pooch Bag

London Pooch stocks so many other lovely dachshund themed items, cards for any special occasion or just to send someone a note, take a look at their card selection HERE, prints HERE and lots of other beautiful gifts ranging from tea towels to notebooks HERE

London Pooch has so many unique gifts for that special dachshund lover or even any dog lover to be honest!
London Pooch Bag

If you too would like to get your paws on one of these charming Dachshund Pollock shopping bags, you can get one HERE for £20


Dach’s all for now – off to fill my bag up at the pet shop…

Jeffrey x


*Please note – this product was sent to us by the company to review however all opinions expressed in this blog are my own

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  • Joy Fitzsimmons
    October 19, 2016

    Yay Jeffrey thats a very good use of the Dachshund Pollock Bag. You look very arty smart! When Henry gets inside ours you cant see him at all. But thats because he’s very very small. Ooh we’re rhyming! Have a good wednesday and big thanks to your inventive mum and dad xxxx

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