My Bank Holiday Weekend In Pictures

Well what a busy weekend we’ve had! Apart from catching up on sleep, very important in a dachshunds world, we went to see our pal Lenny for a walk in his neck of the woods where he could show us the best views, things to sniff and critters to chase! His Mum then cooked Mum & Dad us a yummy steak dinner. We caught up with Rodney’s Dad for a walk on Sunday, we were surrounded by standard wire haired dachshunds all morning which made me feel more like a mini-sausage than normal!!

We’ve pottered in the garden, been shopping for toiletries and ingredients for a certain sometimes 2nd birthday cake tomorrow!

Chocolate Dachshund

Dachshund Stairs

Dachshund Walks

Chiltern Hills Dog Walks

Chiltern Hills Dog Walks

Chiltern Hills Dog Walks

Stokenchurch Dog Walks

Stokenchurch Dog Walks

Dinner smelt SO good! I was sure with just a little lift we’d make it up to the table…

Dachshund Table

Chocolate Dachshund

Mr Foxy & Rodney, like Father like Son…

Wire Dachshund Sunbathing

We were definitely de-weeding and not eating soil…

Dachshund Garden

Sausage Dog Garden

We headed into town to the local pet shop to stock up on some shampoo, apparently I smelt…

Barkers of Marlow

Dachshund Shampoo

Just ‘tasting’ the cake…

Dog Birthday Cake

Dog Birthday Cake

Sausage Dog Birthday Cake

Dachshund Sunbathing

As Mum had declared that we smelt ‘doggy’ (how else are we meant to smell?!) we decided to take this as an opportunity to pamper ourselves and had a little spa session in the sun…

Sausage Dog Bath

Dachshund Bath


Dach’s all for now – we hope you too have had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!

Jeffrey x


  • Finn
    May 2, 2016

    Glad you’ve both had a lovely weekend.
    Nice to see that you’re both squeaky clean for tomorrow’s celebrations. I hope you don’t have to start suffering from the ‘terrible twos’ from you know who Jeffrey.
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday Alan. Go easy on the cake!
    Take care.

    • sausagetails
      May 5, 2016

      Thanks Finn! :)

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