My Weekend In Pictures

Has everyone had nice weekend? Ours has been a pretty quiet one, we’ve pottered in the garden, gone for a couple of nice walks, caught up with friends and snoozed on the sofa – the perfect weekend for a sausage dog! We took Alan to the woods as we know he loves to chase those squirrels, however I did some posing in the bluebells, well a blogging dog does have a job to fulfil! We also caught up with our buddy Lenny with a stroll along the river, a coffee and a bacon sandwich. I’d like to say we were also offered a sandwich but I’d be lying, mean Mum…
Sleeping Dachshund

Dachshund Walk

Dachshund walk

Dog on a Log

Dachshund Harness

Dachshund Woods

Sausage Dog Mug

Dachshund Beard

Sausage Dog Bed

Sausage Dog Socks

Dachshund Harness

Dog on a Log

Sausage Dog Garden

Dachshund Garden


Dach’s all for now – remember to offer your sausage dog a bacon sandwich!!

Jeffrey x

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