Sausage Tails – The Best of 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

We saw in the New Year with our pal Lenny and had our very own boys night in!

Dachshund New Year

However by midnight we were pretty tired from running around & showing Lenny all our new toys!

Dachshund Bed

So today I thought I’d take a look back and see what my best bits and favourite blog posts from 2015 were, here we go…

January 2015Happy New Year

Dachshund New Year

Not a lot went on in January 2015 as Mum & Dad took 2 weeks off to go on honeymoon in St Lucia, so we spent the time with Nanny & Grandad re-charging our batteries and running amok with Harvey & The H’s! Look how young Alan looked last New Year!

February 2015 – And They Call It Sausage Love…

Dachshund Valentines

I taught Alan the ways of wooing the ladies whilst we celebrated his very first Valentines Day, he seemed to take to being a lothario rather well!

March 2015 – Saturday Sausage Saunter

Sausage Dog Walks

We organised our very own local sausage dog walk with some old and new friends! Marlow Sausage Strolls was born and we’ve met up a few times this year and hope to continue our rendezvous over the coming months.

April 2015 – Happy Easter!

Dachshund Easter

This was Alan’s first easter and doesn’t he make just the cutest bunny?

May 2015 – Happy Birthday Alan!

Sausage Dog Party

We celebrated the little guys 1st Birthday! We went on a big Birthday walk and lunch with our friends & Alan’s siblings, lets just say Alan was thoroughly spoilt!

June 2015 – American Hotdog

I heart New York T-Shirt

Mum & Dad visited the big ol’ U S of A to celebrate Mum’s birthday, they bought us back some American outfits & we shared some of their holiday snaps with you.

July 2015 – One Year With Alan

Wire & Smooth Dachshund

We celebrated Alan being with our family for one whole year! We took a look back at how the little dude has grown up!

August 2015 – A Sausage Tails Bank Holiday

Dog Bow Tie

It was a lovely Bank Holiday celebrating National Bow Tie Day & we made Alan into our very own Donald Trump!

September 2015 – Sausages at Henley Show

Dogs Henley Show

We visited out very first Country show where we encountered ferret racing, sheep shearing & ice creams – the perfect day!

October 2015 – Happy Hallowiener!

Harry Potter Sausage Dog

Our best Halloween yet – as Harry Potter and his pal Dobby!

November 2015 – We’re Advent-urous Sausages

Sausage Dog Advent Calendar

We gave you a tutorial on how to make your very own dog advent calendar, make sure you take notes ready for next year!

December 2015 – Sausages Do Lunch

The Holly Bush Pub Frensham

We met up with some of our lovely friends for a pre-Christmas catch up, stroll & lunch – a pub lunch to be precise!


Well thats 2015 all summed up for you – let’s see what 2016 has in store for us!

Jeffrey x

  • Finn
    January 4, 2016

    Hi Chaps,
    Gosh, you were busy in 2015. We can’t wait to see what you get up to this year. Take care and enjoy.

  • Bess Chan
    January 4, 2016

    Happy New Year Jeffrey and Alan (and to the rest of the fam)! I enjoyed following your adventures and looking forward to more in 2016! Thank you for all the joy and fun!! More Power to you!!

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