Happy Hallowiener!

Happy Hallowiener everyone! We hope you’ve had spooky day and here’s to an even scarier night! Alan & I decided on our costumes this year after Alan received a thorough telling off last week for chasing the cats. Again. I’ve told him over and over that if he’s going to chase them, he needs to do it when Mum & Dad are at work and won’t see him! Not that I do that. Ever.

I digress, during the telling off that Alan received, I noticed that the facial expression he was pulling reminded me of someone. After listening to Mum explaining in great detail why we must not chase the cats, that they also live here, its not a game blah blah blah it suddenly came to me. Alan looks like a character from one of my favourite films, Harry Pottter!Dog Harry Potter

No Alan, doesn’t look Harry Potter, don’t be silly! He looks just like Dobby the house elf! See…

Dachshund Harry Potter

Dog Dobby Outfit

So we decide Alan would be Dobby, dirty rags , sock and all, and I would be Harry of course, the hero of the story!

Dog Harry Potter

I think I pull off a stylish scarf and glasses quite well, we call it Geek-Chic…

Harry Potter Dog

After all that dressing up it got me in the mood for some film watching, give me Harry Potter over a scary film any day!

Harry Potter Dog

Mum suggested that as we already had our costumes on, we should go trick AND treating to the neighbours, we do a trick and then get a treat, sounds like a fair deal to me!

Harry Potter Sausage Dog


Dach’s all for now – if you missed the spooky edition of Fridays Furry Friends then catch up HERE

Jeffrey x

  • Ann Lock
    October 31, 2015

    You both look absolutely wonderful.
    I find it all too scary so I’m snuggling quietly on the sofa.

  • G.M.
    October 31, 2015

    Poor Alan. What fun is there if you can’t chase the wee furry fellas around the house. I’m sure he would hardly have harmed them at all….hardly! Just showing them who’s who.

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