Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all you lovely ladies out there! Alan & I have been running around doing chores for our Mum all day, well we helped to keep the sofa warm anyway. We took her a cup of tea in bed and let her have a lie-in, well she is allowed a bit of extra sleep once a year…

Dachshund Next Mug

We bought her a couple of bunches of her favourite flowers as a treat, I was all for getting her a box of Bonios but Dad said that wasn’t the sort of treat she’d like.

Dachshund Flowers

But of course there is another special lady in our life and Mum, Alan & I wanted to do something special for her because she does so much for all of us.

Emily Bond Dachshund Mug

Our Mum’s Mummy and our Nanny of course! We ordered her a personalised chopping board featuring Rodney, The H’s, Alan & I, she can look at our cute faces every time she cooks us a yummy dinner. Nanny my favourite is steak, just saying…

Sausage Dog Chopping Board

Dachshund Chopping Board

We also got her some very nice Emily Bond mugs with a wire haired dachshund print on, I got her a pair so we can have our afternoon tea together, Nanny makes a good cup of tea…

Emily Bond Mugs

We wrapped it all up…

Dachshund Mothers Day Gift

Alan typically ‘helped’ in his puppy way by chewing the wrapping paper and getting sellotape stuck on him.

Sausage Dog Mothers Day

We then went to Nanny’s to deliver her presents and give her lots of cuddles and licks, I think she enjoyed it, even if Alan did lick her in the ear…

Dachshund Mothers Day


Dach’s all for now – we hope you all had a lovely day!

Jeffrey x

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  • Rose Maurer
    March 16, 2015

    Dear Rodney, and Alan of course! My husband and I were both born and have always live in the Midlands of South Africa,where the climate is mostly kind to long-haired Dachshunds. We have been owned by Dacshies and Rotties for nearly 40 years and the Dachsies don’t really mind the weather cos . . . they sleep in our Queen size bed (noy much room for my 6’4″husband to whom I have been married for 45 years he is well trained! Otty,the long- haired old chap 15 1/2years old, and enjoys sleeping, eating and being brushed – in that order. His little sister, a miniature smooth
    black and tan, who now weighs 7kgs at 7 months is the genius – she has a natural ball sense, and in the evenings, -we are obliged to throw and retrieve tennis balls from under the table, behind my kist and occasionally from behind the fridge! Love to Mom, Dad and Nan. xxxooo

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