Fridays Furry Friend

It’s been a damp week. Alan & I have been what can only be described as ‘Soggy Sausages’ for 50% of the time and ‘Sunny Sausages’ the other 50% as the sun made a breakthrough the clouds on occasion, so we made the most of it by topping up our tanned bits.

This week features a rather special Furry Friend as he has one cool name – Jeff! What are the chances of that? And even more coincidently, his Dad is also called Simon, like mine! What makes this even more special is that Jeff is a rescue dog and it seems that his journey to find the perfect home has a happy ending, I’ll let his Dad tell you all about it…


Hi Jeffrey, 
I have just re-homed a wire-coat, called, of all things, Jeff! He has been with his new Mum and Dad for about three months now and he has fitted in fine with the rest of the pack (an eclectic mix to say the least). As one of four boys (plus a male cat) there could have been issues but he fits right in and the others have accepted him with no issues. He is a bit scared of everything but is very playful and loves his cuddles. Big dogs are a problem, but once he has met them a few times he does not try to kill them quite as much.
He is very obedient (for a Dachsie) and comes when whistled, at least most of the time. Now that he can run and walk properly he is having a great time along the Grand Union Canal, Campbell Park, and Willen Lake here in Milton Keynes, and is now allowed off the lead. Apparently he had not been out for a walk in seven months when we rehomed him and he was clearly having a few difficulties but that’s history now. Any other history is sadly missing and we really do not know very much about him at all. I believe this is his third home but it will be his last.
At 12 kilos he’s a big boy but more to love I say. He went on his first Sausage Meet a few weeks back and was impeccably behaved – all sausages were accounted for at the end and he was admired by all.
All-in-all a success story and we are all very happy here in our pack.
I hope all is good with you and I look forward to establishing a furry friendship in due course!
Simon (Jeff’s dad)


Jeff Dachshund

Jeff Dachshund

Jeff Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – have a fabulous weekend hopefully filled with lots of cuddles & treats!

Jeffrey x

Don’t forget, if you’d like to appear as my Fridays Furry Friend, then send a photo and a bit about your Furry Friend to

  • Pascale
    February 27, 2015

    What a happy story to read! Jeff is a very handsome wiener! So great to see he found his furever home!

    • sausagetails
      February 28, 2015

      Me too! I love a happy ending!

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