Fridays Furry Friend

Well we are back after a brief break from our weekly Fridays Furry Friend posts and I have to say, it’s a good one! Last Saturday was the birthday of my friend and loyal Sausage Tails reader, Fonz, it was a very special birthday because Fonz has reached the grand age of 10 years old! If you were to meet him you would never believe he was 10, he’s a spring chicken when chasing his ball and has the charm and wit of a young pup, I hope I look as good as him at 10!!

Fonz and some of our other buddies met at Frensham Little Pond to celebrate the big day however Alan & I were unable to make it due to Mum & Dad only just getting back from honeymoon. We were pretty gutted but all was ok as we got to see the photos and also Fonz was kind enough to send us a party bag full of homemade biscuits, which were very yummy, thanks Fonz!

I think my favourite photo is of Fonz and his Mum, he loves his Mum just a much as I love mine and that’s saying something! Lets all bark a BIG Happy Birthday to Fonz, we hope you had a great day!


Dachshund Birthday

Fonz Dachshund

Dachshund Party *photos courtesy of Georgia Wallin (Edie’s Mum)


Dach’s all for now – have a good but chilly weekend!

Jeffrey x


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