Fridays Furry Friend

What a week we’ve had! After the Christmas period we’ve been getting back into our daily routine of walks in the park first thing, snoozing throughout the morning, going to Nanny’s at lunch, snoozing the afternoon away with The H’s & Rodney and then waiting for Grandad to feed us, it’s not a bad life for a couple of sausages!

However, just as we get back into our routine it’s all about to change again, next Friday Mum & Dad are off on their delayed Honeymoon to a sunnier climate for 2 weeks. Thats TWO WHOLE WEEKS without my Mum, however not all is lost as Alan & I will be staying with Nanny & Grandad, Nanny gives good cuddles and Grandad always finds the best tit bits, I’m sure we’ll make do. However Mum better bring me something good back, like a whole years supplier of Bonios, just a suggestion…

Right, this weeks Fridays Furry Friend is a double act similar to Alan and I in the form of Reg & Minnie who’s Mum has sent me this cute photo, that looks like one comfy bed! It sounds like Reg is a typical sparky wirey wiener but who would believe it looking at that face?


Hello I have two friends for you!
Reg (wire) and Minnie (black & tan smooth). Reg is 9 months old and REALLY naughty but also very cute. Minnie just puts up with him….
Love from Tina (their humum) xxx

Reg & Minnie

Reg & Minnie


Due to Mum being away (she normally supervises my blog posts) and Nanny’s internet connection not being that great (sort it out Nanny, a blogging sausage has needs you know!!) I won’t be posting a Fridays Furry Friend for the next 3 weeks. However, still send your photos through to so we can start again with a bang!


Dach’s all for now – have a lovely weekend!

Jeffrey x

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