Sausage Christmas Haul

Well Christmas has been and gone, we’ve eaten lots of turkey, had a few extra naps and helped Rodney to wreck a new toy in under an hour – a record in our family.

Alan was a typical pup and got us up early to start unwrapping presents, even if they weren’t his…

Dachshund Wrapping Paper

After Alan had finished tearing wrapping paper into a MILLION pieces, we set off to Nanny & Grandad’s to spend Christmas day with them, Rodney and The H’s.

Dachshund Gift Bag

Mum & Dad embarrassed us, not only with the obligatory family Christmas photo but also by wearing matching Christmas jumpers. Alan couldn’t even look, cool kid…

Dachshund Christmas Jumper

After lunch, when Grandad may or may not have slipped us a bit of turkey from the table, if was FINALLY time to open our presents!

Sausage Dog Gift Bag

Dachshund Christmas Gift

Nanny and Mum were on hand to help with the sticky parts of the paper and to take notes so I can send thank you’s to all my fans friends and family.

Sausage Dog Christmas Gift

But all that excitement from unwrapping was pretty tiring so Alan and I took one of our many Christmas naps…

Dog Christmas Bandana

Dog Christmas Bandana

At the end of a very lovely Christmas, Mum packed up all our presents and it seemed we had acquired quite a few, a whole crateful to be precise…

Dachshund Toys

Mum said I had to sort through them all and put them away, without chewing the toys or sampling the treats apparently, like that would be hard…

Sausage Dog Toys

Dachshund Gifts

Alan wanted to help, he got straight in there and chose his favourite!

Sausage Dog Toys

Next up was the food gifts, I think it’s safe to say we did well and now have a very varied array of bed time treats. Remember Mum, treats aren’t just for bedtime…

Dachshund Treats

Dachshund Treats

Alan said he needed to sample them, what he didn’t realise was that I may have already done this. Just a little bit.

Sausage Dog Treats

Now we had the ‘attire’ department, Mum bought Alan & I new His n His collar and lead sets, dapper sausages!

Dog Christmas Hat

You may have spotted those Christmas tree headbands? Yep, we wore those…

Dachshund Christmas Hat

I think it’s safe to say Alan looked cuter than me in this however it didn’t help when he wouldn’t stop chewing mine!

Sausage Dog Christmas Hat

Mum says my face said it all, no idea what she means…

Dog Christmas Hat

Alan was just getting bored of the whole thing, I told him next time he could be the fairy on top of my Christmas tree, that soon made him perk up.

Dachshund Hat

And last but by no means least, my favourite gift, my brand new hoodie from my pal Archie! Not only do I look super cool but it says Squirrel Patrol on the back which I most certainly carry out in the park. Every. Single. Morning. My favourite hobby!

Dachshund Hoodie

Just call me Snoop Jeff…Sausage Dog Hoodie

I think it’s safe to say we are very lucky sausages with lots of lovely friends and family that have spoilt us rotten, thank you very much to all of you!

Dachshund Christmas Gifts


Dach’s all for now – off to store the treats somewhere Alan won’t find them…

Jeffrey x



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