Fridays Furry Friend

We’ve been gearing up for Christmas this week, not long to go! We’ve been wearing our festive jumpers, practising our carol barking and hopefully we’ll be putting up our Christmas tree this weekend, bugsy putting the star on top! Mum had a day off work today so treated Alan and I to a walk in the big park near us. Whilst Mum was getting a coffee from the cafe, the staff made a big fuss of us, cooing over the sausage dog puppy and when Mum pointed out that I too am a sausage dog they had the cheek to ask ‘mixed with what?’ HOW RUDE!!! However they gave me a treat and we had a nice walk so all was forgiven. Well, almost.

This week Natalia has sent in photos of her wirey dachshunds Frodo & Fuzzy for our Fridays Furry Friend entry, we love the photo of them running and their ears blowing in the wind! We think the photos of them in snow are rather festive!

Hi, I would love to share a few pics of my two lil brothers- Frodo and Fuzzy! On a few pics- their cousin Yogi (Jeffrey’s lookalike).
All the best, love your blog!

Frodo & Fuzzy






Dach’s all for now – have a fun & festive weekend!

Jeffrey x


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