Fridays Furry Friend

We’re officially in December which means it’s the month of Christmas – lots of treats, presents and people coming to visit who can throw my toys, well they do need to earn their keep for that cup of tea. Alan & I have been playing in the park this week, frosty walks followed by bouncing around in the big, fallen leaves. Alan loves to run around with them in his mouth and I like to bury myself so he can’t find me. Having a puppy hanging off your beard 24/7 can be very wearing.

This weeks Furry Friend has been sent in by Ruth Collins of her very cute puppy Charlie Brown – what a fab name! He is one gorgeous pup, he makes Mum all broody for another (like the last one wasn’t trouble enough!!) and she would call him Snoopy! Ruth already has a sister for Charlie Brown called Tickle, I bet she can relate to those sleepless night and ears being pulled by a troublesome puppy!

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown….little brother to Tickle…charlie age 11 weeks…

Dach’s all for now – enjoy your weekend!

Jeffrey x

Don’t forget, if you’d like to appear as my Fridays Furry Friend, then send a photo and a bit about your Furry Friend to

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