Fridays Furry Friend

This week Mum, Alan and I have been settling back into our daily routine after spending a week living at Nanny’s. We’ve been going to the park every morning to see our ‘morning walk’ friends and I’ve been making sure that the imprint of my butt is back on the sofa cushion, it didn’t take too long.

This week’s Fridays Furry Friend seemed appropriate as Alan & I have also donned our Winter woolies a couple of times this week as it’s been very Autumnal. I had a message from Herbie & Fritz’s Mum to ask what kind of jumper I like to wear, I go for an Equafleece as it’s warm, waterproof and comes long enough for my long sausage body. Here they are modelling their own fleeces however they may want to take the labels off before they go out, we don’t want someone thinking they’re for sale…


Hi Jeffrey,
I thought I would send you a photo of my new Equafleece jumper which mum bought at your recommendation for Fritz and myself. Mum was getting fed up of us coming back from walks with Dad with mud and grit tangled up in our tummy fur and armpits! We really like them and can’t wait to wear them out on walkies !! We love reading about you and Alan, and especially enjoyed last week’s sausage tails with your man bag, oh sorry, your mum’s bag.
Dachs all for now,
love Herbie and Fritz x

Herbie & Fritz

Herbie & Fritz


Dach’s all for now – have a toasty warm weekend!

Jeffrey x

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