Fridays Furry Friend

Well it’s been a bit of a strange week, Mum, Alan and I moved into Nanny & Grandad’s house last Thursday to look after Rodney & The H’s whilst the Grandparents were on holiday but we’ve had a nice time, lots of playing and snuggling on the sofa. Bliss. Nanny & Grandad FINALLY came home today (don’t go away too soon Nanny!) and we rolled out the red carpet, greeted them with lots of barking, squeals, licks and Alan may have wet himself. Just a little. We hope you had a nice time Nanny but I enjoy our hugs too much for you to go away again!

This week it seems I have a not-so-secret-admirer in the form of Gabi, a fellow wirey sausage! It seems the rather refined Angus has been showing his sister Gabi the ropes, what a gentleman! A bit like me and Alan, I have to teach him where to pee and not to pee (preferably not Mum’s purple rug), which cat is ok to chase and which is not (the grey one, always go for the grey one), you catch my drift?

Seriously, how cute is Gabi?

Hello Jeffrey,
Here is Gabi (the wirey) and Angus (the short haired). Angus loves his little sister very much.
When Gabi was a puppy, he helped potty train Gabi. When Gabi was uncomfortable at the dog parks, Angus came to the rescue.
He even shares his toys – well kinda…. (just because Gabi is now much bigger than he is) 
Gabi loooveeessss you!

Gabi & Angus

Gabi & Angus


Dach’s all for now – I’m off to help Mum unpack and teach Alan how to run off with her pants!

Jeffrey x

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