Fridays Furry Friend

Happy Friday everyone! As of last night, Mum, Alan & I moved into Nanny & Grandad’s to house sit and look after Rodney (The H’s are adults, they don’t need to be pup-sat) Nanny’s gone on holiday for a week so I’m in charge of making sure that Mum feeds us all and gives us plenty of cuddles – however that’s pretty tricky when there’s 5 of us, I think I may have to draw up a rota!

This weeks Furry Friend is a little American lady called Greta who was rescued a year ago, a happy ending! It’s lovely to hear that Greta and her Mum have been catching up on my adventures featured here on Sausage Tails, there’s a quite a few of them! It sounds like her brother is a bit like our Harvey…


Hi Jeffrey and Alan,
Greta here, I’m a sassy Texas sausage. I’m supposed to be a full sausage but Mom swears I’m a chi-wiennie. She rescued me a year ago and I’m 4 (we think). I have a 8 year old Maltese brother who is a goof, he lifts the wrong leg when he pees. Eye roll! Mom and I have spent the last 2 afternoons catching up on your adventures, we are new to your blog (we saw you on Crusoe’s Facebook) so we decided to start reading from the beginning. What fun we had snuggling and giggling at you guys, Mom really likes the British way you write/speak as she grew up in England. My Mom wishes she had half your Mom’s Doxie stuff, esp the PJs. We really loved, loved loved the wedding…the barn was a fantastic idea and it looked like it turned out to be a fab day!
Got to go help Mom pack the camper, we are going to the beach (Port Aransas, Texas) on Wednesday for 11 days! I don’t mind the beach but I hate the water.
Puppy love,
(I’m the Black and Tan beauty in front, the dapple doxie is my sister Bridgitte (she died in August) and the Maltese is my goofy brother,Rowdy


Greta Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – have a snuggly weekend!

Jeffrey x

P.S If you would like to feature as my Fridays Furry Friend, then email a photo and bit about yourself to

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