Fridays Furry Friend

Well what a week it’s been! Alan has settled in well, he’s great to play with and I’ve enjoyed showing him the ropes, like chasing the cats, pulling the beds around and de-stuffing the toys, all essential things you need to know when living in our house.

This weeks Fridays Furry Friend is the rather cute Herbie, Mum loves his name as her childhood nickname was Herbert! Look at that cute wirey face, all together now, ahhhhhh……

Hi Jeffrey,
This is Herbert, aka, Herbie, he is 5 months old and hairy like you :) Herbie likes eating chicken, walking and going to he’s classes for ring craft, obedience and agility :) have a Good Friday Jeffrey xxx


Herbert Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – have a hot & sweaty sausage weekend!

Jeffrey x

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