Look What I’ve Sniffed Out…

When a man in a white van delivered a box to our door at the weekend, Mum stated she ‘may’ have ordered something. And boy did she – a sausage dog shaped table lamp!

Dachshund Lamp

It looked like it needed a bit of assembly and being all man, I knew I was the guy for the job.

Dachshund Lamp

I unpacked everything from the box…

Dog Lamp

Next Dog Lamp

There were a few pieces to put together but nothing I couldn’t handle, I just made sure I sussed it all out first before going in head first…

Next Sausage Dog Lamp

But it got a little confusing…

Sausage Dog Lamp

So I took a quick power nap, it’s handwork being a pawdy-man…

Next Rex Lamp

Ta dah! All done!

Lamp Dachshund

Lamp Sausage Dog

Who said a sausage dog couldn’t do DIY?

Dachshund Lamp

Sausage Dog Lamp

And for the final test…

Dachshund Lamp

I thought it was quite nice when Mum said I light up her life! You too can get one of these amazing dachshund shaped lamps for £35 from Next HERE


Dach’s all for now,

Jeffrey x

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  • Cathy Dee
    July 25, 2014

    Oh way cool! I love Next but we don’t have them in Canada–maybe you could suggest they start up a shop in Canada for us! Love them for baby/children clothes too…for when the time comes. Just saying… ;D Anyway, really nice find!

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