Fridays Furry Friend

Afternoon everyone! Mum’s off on her hen do tonight on some sort of ‘Ladies Night’, Dad says she’s ogling half naked men whilst drinking cocktails, apparently they’ll be lots of sausages there, I didn’t realise sausage dogs went on hen do’s? So it’s just Dad and I tonight being manly watching the football whilst snuggling on the sofa…

Anyway…today’s Fridays Furry Friend is Dashiell, a fellow wiry wiener from the big ol’ U S of A! It sounds like our Mum’s are very similar!!

Howdy, I am Dashiell from North Carolina in the USA. my Mom loves your blog and we always laugh at your pics. my Dad is very jealous of your Nanny’s Rodney as he wants a brother for me just like R, but mom says I’m enough work!
I am a one year old wirehair, which is not as common in the USA so no one ever knows what to make of me here! I am my mom’s first dog ever, and she is obsessed with me, if I say so myself. our house is overflowing with the sausage items of all sorts; it’s kinda scary!
I am so very sweet and good tempered. I love walks and cuddles and meeting every other dog I see (even if they do not want to meet me!)…how can they resist me though?
Your furry friend from far far away,
Dashiell from NC, USA


Dashiell Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – have a good weekend & I hope there’s lots of sausages involved!

Jeffrey x

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