Fridays Furry Friend

Tonight is a bit of a special Fridays Furry Friend, one of my lovely friends on Twitter and Facebook, Georgia, has only gone and got herself a sausage of her own! She’s wanted a sausage dog of her own for years and after doing her research and speaking to dapper dachshunds like myself, her dream has finally come true in the form of baby Edith. Get ready for the cuteness overload…

Hello Jeffrey!
My name is Edith (but the hoomans call me Edie). Hoomum said she reads Fridays Furry Friends every week and she’s waited her whole life to have a mini dachshund just like me and so she thought I should enter this week!
I am 9 weeks old today and have lived with my hoomans for exactly one week so it’s a double Friday celebration for me! I live with my hoomum, hoodad and the two catses (who don’t like me yet!).
This week I went in the garden and saw grass for the first time. I liked it so much I thought I could fly as you can see from my photo! In my spare time I like to eat snails, dig in the garden, play with my toys, snuggle hoomum’s neck and lick hoodad’s stubbly chin. My ambition is to be a model so I’ve been practicing my poses and generally just trying to look cute!
Anyway, better dach, busy day ahead!
Lots of tailwags and licks,
Edie x x


Edith Dachshund

Edith Dachshund

Edith Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – who’s got a craving to cuddle a pup now?!

Jeffrey x

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