Fridays Furry Friend

Happy Friday everyone – especially as it’s a Bank Holiday weekend! This week I have been sending Happy Birthday wishes to two lovely wirey ladies, it’s always nice to get a birthday wish from a handsome wirey dude! 😉

First up it was Mina, she lives over in New Zealand however we keep in touch on my Facebook page and dachshund Facebook groups. Mina was 1 year old this week and celebrated her birthday with her long haired sister, Penny! Penny & Mina help their Mum run Penny Paws Petcare and I’m very jealous as it means they get to play with lots of dogs every day!


Penny & Mina

Then it was time for a VERY special ladies birthday, my Lovely Lottie! As I like Lovely Lottie (a lot) I thought I’d send her birthday wishes in a card I chose especially for her and wrote a loving message and sent her some of my favourite treats, Schmacko’s! I hope you had a lovely day celebrating Lovely Lottie and I’m sure your Mum gave you lots of cuddles and yummy treats! Look at that lovely wirey face…



Happy Birthday girls! I hope you both had great days!

Dachshund Birthday

Dach’s all for now – rock on the Bank holiday weekend!

Jeffrey x

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