Fridays Furry Friend

What a dreary, grey couple of days it’s been and I can’t say I was too pleased with my walk in the rain this morning but needs must. So I thought we could all do with a bit of a smile and what better than a Fridays Furry Friend with a nice story and a happy ending? Take it away Tommy…

Hello Jeffrey, Tommy here, your fellow wirey friend. Please would you consider my new friend and help to raise awareness for other dogs in the same plight.

My bestest ever friend, Teddy, or ‘The Bear’ as I call him, arrived in the UK last week having been abandoned in Cyprus. I didn’t know this but there are so many dogs out there who people can no longer afford to keep and are just thrown out to fend for themselves. Some of them are even Dachshunds like us!!! There are very few homes to be found for them in Cyprus and the pounds are all overflowing and don’t keep them for long before they put them down. There best chance of a forever family and happy life like we take for granted is to be adopted by someone in another country. The whole thing, including rabies vaccinations, neutering, passport and the flight costs less than buying a pedigree pup like you or I did and it’s such an exciting and lovely thing to do! There are several rescue groups on Facebook, which is where my mum found Teddy.

Teddy is gorgeous!!! He’s stunning to look at and his nature is as lovely as his appearance. He’s just a young lad like us, about a year old and he plays with me endlessly! He also comes whenever he’s called, much more quickly than I do (the goody goody!!!) and mum says he’s no trouble at all. We all love him and can’t believe he hasn’t always been here. I’m SO thrilled to have a younger dog to,play with as the others are getting on a bit now, and we’re going to have so many great adventures together!!!!

The first photo is the moment when mum and dad arrived home with him from Heathrow and we all met for the first time, last Wednesday, and the second was taken yesterday and shows just how much we’ve bonded, I think!!!! 

Thank you very much and lots of love and games, Tommy xxx


Tommy & Teddy

Tommy & Teddy

Tommy & Teddy

Tommy & Teddy

Dach’s all for now – have a fab, if not soggy, weekend!

Jeffrey x

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