Look What I’ve Sniffed Out…

Some of you may have noticed from my Mothers Day blog post that I gave my Nanny her first pair of sausage dog socks. Now that she’s come over to the long side with Rodney, it’s time for her to be a  proper sausage dog owner and adorn herself with dachshund themed items. If half your wardrobe doesn’t contain sausage dog print items, then you’re not a proper sausage lover. Fact.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you where I purchased such a sophisticated pair of socks.

White Stuff Sausage Dog Stuff

White Stuff Sausage Dog Socks

White Stuff Dachshund Socks

They are from White Stuff and are the Jarvis socks priced at £4, you can find them HERE

Whilst perusing the rest of the shop a little long dude caught my eye and I just had to have him!

White Stuff Sausage Dog

White Stuff Sausage Dog Keyring

White Stuff Sausage Dog Keyring

It was a soft sausage dog keyring! He’s a bargain at £4.95 and is certain to brighten up your dull keys. I attached him to my chauffeurs Mum’s car keys to give her a little smile every time she takes me somewhere. You too can treat yourself to one of these little sausage dudes HERE, my one is blue but he also comes in orange.

Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x

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