Look What I’ve Sniffed Out…

Check out this white resin sausage dog ornament that we’ve found in Dunelm, what a fab addition to any sausage dog home! He’s almost the perfect substitute to any household that is looking to add to their pack and are not quite sure if they’re ready yet.

He’s clean, doesn’t need much exercise and costs very little to feed, however he’s very quiet…

Sausage Dog Ornament

And doesn’t move much which may make wrestling very boring after 5 minutes.

Dunhelm Sausage Dog

But on the plus side he won’t steal your food or wee on the carpet = result!

Dachshund Ornament

The biggest bonus with getting this little chap is that he’ll look fab on any shelf or dresser!

Resin Dachshund

If you too want to add this little dude to your ever growing dachshund collection, then you can get him HERE for the bargain price of £12.99

Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x

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