Fridays Furry Friend

Some of you may have noticed the water levels rising yet again, I do have some friends local to me that are affected by the flooding and it’s not good if you have short legs like us sausages!!

This week’s Fridays Furry Friend is really feeling the affects of the flooding as he lives in Somerset, one of the worst affected parts of the UK. Lets all say hi to Oscar and just hope he and his family are keeping well in the floods, also a little note to Oscar, Mum says you look just fine…

Hi I’m Oscar,I’m living in the middle of the flooded Somerset Levels which isnt a problem as I love swimming, infact I often escape by jumping in the ditch surrounding my house and swimming across to the nearest field to chase the neighbour’s pygmy goats – great fun.I love love love my ball and i am told I have no idea of personal space, whatever that means, in your face is to my liking is all I can say.

Cheers Jeffers, bit of a shame you are so fluffy as my Mum says you are much cuter than me…what do you think?




Oscar Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – stay dry sausages!

Jeffrey x

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