Fridays Furry Friend

After sharing with all of you the photos of my best bud Harvey and I just relaxing and chilling out together earlier in the week, I proposed this weeks Fridays Furry Friend to have a ‘Best Friend’ theme. You sent me some lovely photos however this guy touched our hearts and I’m so chuffed that he’s tried something new after seeing me do agility! Here’s Winston’s story…

Hello Jeffrey (and Mum, and Dad, and the H’s!)!!!
This is Winston in Seattle and I thought I would enter your Furry Friday contest this week.  I understand if you don’t pick me this time as my tale (tail?) is a bit sad but I wanted to send pictures anyway.
These are a few shots of me with my best buddy and brother (littermate), Sawyer.  Mom says he is at a place called the Rainbow Bridge now which makes me very sad but we talk about him all the time and still have lots of pictures of the two of us around the house.  My Mom writes for a magazine here called CityDog and we used to explore the city together; my Dad is a photographer so he took a couple of these pictures for some of the articles. I am on the right in all of the pictures except the one of our profiles, where I am on the left in the green collar.  
We hope that you have a blast with the H’s this week, we just love seeing your page and what you are up to, along with all the cool stuff you have!  Because of you I tried my paw at some agility tricks recently (I did great going over the bar and through the hoop but am not crazy about ramps, even with cookies!) and Mom got me my very own Hear Doggy Beaver!  He is the bomb.
Hound High Paw,
Winston in Seattle
Winston & Sawyer
Winston & Sawyer
*photos courtesy of Art Hound Studios

Dach’s all for now – go and have fun with your best buddy this weekend!

Jeffrey x

P.S Happy Birthday shout out to my buddy Fonz!

Fonz Happy Birthday

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