Happy Hallowiener

Happy Hallowiener everyone! 

In true Jeffrey style, I took the fact that it’s Halloween as the perfect opportunity to do some dressing up, I’m a Horny Hotdog!

Dog Hotdog Costume

Check out my horns and scary face…

Horny Hotdog

Of course my pals wanted to get in on the act. Here’s Harvey as a Spooky Schnauzer…

Halloween Spooky Dog

Halloween Schnauzer

And Hattie wanted to play too, she was a Ghostly Ghoul…

Ghost Dog Costume

Even Eric had to get involved, however I’m not sure this was by choice. I call him The Pop Eyed Puss…

Halloween Cat

I know all you lady sausages out there are thinking what a handsome Horny Hotdog I make but it can be tiring being this good looking…

Dachshund Halloween

Dach’s all for now – have a spooooooky evening….

Mwah hah hah hah!

Jeffrey x


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